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Welcome to our One-pipe Renovation cost calculation tool. This simple to use tool provides you an accurate cost estimate for an energy-efficiency renovation of your apartment buildings with old, inefficient, one-pipe heating systems.

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One-pipe renovation vs. Two-pipe retrofit

Why One-pipe renovation?

Historically many multi-family apartment buildings have been equipped with a one-pipe radiator heating system. Nowadays such systems are no longer living up to the energy-efficiency requirements, too much heat is wasted. A proper executed renovation of the one-pipe system can help increase the energy efficiency at low investments. This tool provides you a realistic cost estimate for such renovation by installing a special, dynamic, hydronic balancing solution in each of the buildings risers.

Why not retrofit into a Two-pipe system?

Another option to improve the energy-efficiency of the heating system is to retrofit the entire system to a, nowadays common used, two-pipe heating system. Normally the result is an even bigger increase of the efficiency. But be aware the costs of retrofitting the entire system count up and also result in a longer payback time. In addition, for a proper retrofit the installer has to make significant adaptions to the system and be allowed access to every radiator in every apartment. This requires solid project management and cooperation from the residents at all times.

Danfoss one-pipe renovation is the economic best solution for all those buildings out there with an old one-pipe heating system.

One-pipe renovation for all type of systems

In practice there are various different types of one-pipe heating systems. There’s the traditional system, the T-system, P-system and more. Danfoss one-pipe renovation solution is effective for all types of one-pipe systems.

Danfoss One-pipe renovation solution

With a Danfoss One-pipe renovation the energy-efficiency of your building is effectively increased by up to 20% and normally has a payback time of around 2-3 years. This is how it works: In each of the buildings risers a dynamic hydronic balancing valve type AB-QM is installed to efficiently distribute the heated water through the building. Each of them is set to a design flow based on the heat capacity of the connected radiators. The valves eliminate the one-pipe system typical overflow situations, can mostly be installed in the basement of the building and work is typically finalized within a single day. Furthermore an electronic controller type CCR3+ is installed. It controls TWA-Q thermal actuators that are mounted on each of the AB-QM valves. Electronic temperature sensors continuously provide riser temperatures to the CCR3+. In case a certain risers’ return pipe temperature gets too high and causes ineffecient heating, the controller reacts and temporarily closes the flow into that riser by closing the AB-QM valve via the TWA-Q actuator.

Time to take action

Upgrading the outdated one-pipe heating system in your building has never been more relevant and easy. Estimate the costs for your building in this easy to use tool. Simply follow the 3 steps and convince yourself now is the time to take action and get your One-pipe system renovation going.

  • Increase energy-efficiency to reduce heating costs
  • Applies for all one-pipe heating system types
  • Cost effective and simple & fast to establish

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